What We Do


Having a dog is a lot of fun, but also some duties: feeding, walking, playing together or providing veterinary care. See what you need to remember to keep your dog well looked after and happy.

Veterinary equipment

Providing veterinary facilities with modern equipment for the diagnosis and treatment of animals

Specialized research

Specialist tests of shelter dogs 
and cats, performed outside of our shelter (eg magnetic resonance)

Good quality food

Good quality food (also veterinary) for dogs 
and cats living in the Animal Shelter

Construction of new runs

The construction of modern catwalksonance)

Make our pets happy!

Neighborhood matters

This place will become your dog’s favorite destination. He goes out on the catwalk, he will meet other dogs, he will be happy. You will gain space in which you will be able to relax and spend a nice time with your family or your pet.